Meet the Team

Camp Coordinator

Rebecca Bove

Rebecca is the C-Saw camp director. She is a third-year graduate student in the developmental area. Her research interests include how drawing influences different aspects of learning in children. 

Research Directors   Emily Fyfe's PBS Profile

Emily Fyfe, PhD.

Dr. Fyfe's research is in cognitive development with a focus on the development of mathematics knowledge and problem solving. Her primary goal is to understand how children think and learn about math, both independently and with instructional guidance.

Dr. Elizabeth Gunderson

Dr. Gunderson's research investigates the development of children's cognitive skills and motivation, primarily in the domain of mathematics.   Karin James' PBS Profile

Karin James, PhD.

Dr. James's research program centers around the idea that direct, physical interactions with the environment changes the brain processing that underlies learning, and is important for the acquisition of many cognitive skills.